The Retro Computer Shack specialises in Retro Computer & Games consoles, designing, making and selling high quality, British Made innovative products, Spare Parts, solutions, Technical Information and providing excellent customer service. Supplying enthusiasts worldwide
In September 2016, I was diagnosed with a rare type of leukaemia (APML - Acute Promyelocytic Leukaemia), luckily, rare in this case was good, as it's much more curable than most types of leukaemia, and thanks to the FANTASTIC! Doctors and nursing staff at the Salford Royal Hematology department, and lots of chemotherapy and other medication which finished in June 2017, I have made a full recovery.
The Retro Computer Shack
is Owned And Ran By
Ian Priddey
From now on , I will be concentrating more on my health and wellbeing, and will only be opening my ebay shop, a few days each week.
When my shop is closed, the most up to date opening times can be found by clicking on my ebay shop link Above.
Thanks to all my customers for your patience, loyalty and messages of good will. Very much appreciated!
Having lived through the 70's & 80's as a young boy, I was fascinated with all things electronic, an industry which was just evolving. With help from my Dad, who used to make robots, and all sorts of cool stuff, and my local electronics shop (Modern Radio), in Bolton, Lancashire, I started learning about and making small radio's and audio amplifiers, etc from magazines, Hobby electronics & Everyday electronics, and when my parents bought me my first Computer, a Sinclair ZX81, I was hooked!
When I left school, I went to Bolton Technical College, and completed a 2 year course in TV, Radio and HiFi servicing, electronics theory, micro computers, and industrial electronics. This was like heaven to me, a most enjoyable time in my life. I'm So grateful to my parents, for giving me such a brilliant start in life, and for putting up with my electronic door bell I made, which played one of 30 different tunes, every time the door bell was pressed, and drove them mad! More to come, when I get time.
The business is owned an ran by Ian Priddey, who is an avid Computer, gamer and electronics enthusiast, and a qualified Computer, TV, Radio, HiFi and electronics service engineer, with over 30 years experience in the electronics, gaming, Computer, IT support and EPOS business.
My ebay shop is usually open from Thursday 2pm until Sunday 5pm each week
My latest checkup in April 2019, showed, I have stayed in remission, (No sign of blood cancer returning),
and am feeling almost fully fit again.
Just the rest of this year of routine checkups to go. If all is well, I will get the official all clear!
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